Where can Americans travel right now? This handy map shows you where.

  • As the COVID-19 vaccine continues to rollout, Americans want to know where they can travel right now.
  • But many destinations still have rules and regulations in place.
  • United Airlines’ interactive map shows you places that are open to travel and their restrictions. 
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Every day, as more and more people receive the COVID-19 vaccine, Americans are wondering where they can travel right now. For some, the vaccine is their golden ticket to start planning a vacation. 

Although it’s unlikely a fully vaccinated traveler will spread the coronavirus, not all countries have reopened to tourists just yet.

In fact, the CDC still recommends people avoid travel. Meanwhile, health experts have previously told Insider it’s safe to travel as long as you wait a few weeks after you’ve been fully vaccinated. 

If you do decide to embark on a trip, the vacation will involve some research since many destinations have quarantine and testing requirements. 

To help travelers stay up-to-date on where they can and can’t travel, United Airlines created a handy interactive map tool that highlights which countries and states are open and what travelers can expect. 

How to use United’s interactive map

United Airlines interactive map website where can you travel

The interactive map on United Airlines’ website allows you to see what’s open to domestic travel.

United Airlines website

The updatable guide works on both a domestic and international scale, and United Airlines has marked locations as either open to visitors, open with restrictions, restricted entry, or not available. 

United Airlines website interactive map travel

The interactive map on United Airlines’ website also allows you to see what’s open to international travel.

United Airlines website

You can click on each country or state to find more information about specific destinations.

United Airlines interactive map website where can you travel

The interactive map on United Airlines’ website shows you specific information about each country or US state.

United Airlines website

Users can also search for a specific destination. This will pull up additional information on whether the country requires travelers to bring a negative COVID test, quarantine, or be vaccinated. 

United Airlines website travel interactive map

The interactive map on United Airlines’ website provides lots of helpful travel tips about entry, quarantine requirements, local restrictions, and more.

United Airlines website

Before you purchase a plane ticket, it’s always smart to check the local government’s website to make sure you understand all the rules, restrictions, and regulations in place.

Additionally, the US requires that all incoming international travelers have a negative coronavirus test or proof of recovery before entering the country. 

Explore more of United Airline’s interactive map here. 

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