What do loosened travel restrictions mean for spring break travelers?


“Although you don’t have to have the test now or quarantine, it is advised to do so, it’s just not mandated any longer,” says Lynn DiMaria, owner and general manager of DiMaria Travel Agency in Brighton. 

International travelers will still be required to quarantine (although Canada and Europe are still closed to American citizens). All travelers entering New York State will still be required to complete the state’s Traveler Health Form link here

The loosened restrictions come as a welcome relief to travelers and travel agents. 

“I haven’t seen my parents and my children haven’t seen their grandparents in over a year, so we’re really excited to see them again,” says Neil Segal, a traveler who recently landed at the Rochester International Airport. 

DiMaria calls the past year the most difficult year in the history of travel, but says in the wake of the vaccine rollout and dropping case numbers, business is finally starting to pick back up. 

“There has been an uptick in people calling, and there has been an uptick in sales,” says DiMaria. “Now again, nothing on what it used to be, but people are definitely asking.”

If you have already received the COVID-19 vaccine, you are already exempt from quarantine restrictions if you’re traveling into the state as long as:

-You are asymptomatic when you arrive in the state

-It’s been more than two weeks and less than three months since your second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, or your single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

If you’ve been vaccinated and are planning to travel on spring break, you will want to carry your vaccination card with you in case you are asked to provide proof. It’s also important to research COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines at your destination outside of New York, as every destination is likely to have different protocols. 

To read the full announcement from Gov. Cuomo, click here.


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