Unplowed roads and highway closures likely amid expected ‘nearly impossible’ travel in Colorado


The Colorado Department of Transportation is strongly urging Coloradans to avoid travel during a major snowstorm that’s about to hit the Front Range of Colorado, potentially dropping up to 90 inches of snow.

The storm is expected to start on Friday, lasting through the weekend, with potential travel impacts into Monday. Heavy accumulations are likely along I-70, I-25, and other highways in the area of the Front Range and foothills. This includes the stretch of I-70 to the Eisenhower Memorial Johnson Tunnel.

Because of this, CDOT is advising people to avoid travel in the Denver metro area, along the I-70 mountain corridor, and in the I-25 South Gap construction area, as well as on other roads in the area. It’s also worth noting that some of these roads will be subject to closure.

Plows will be activated, focusing on interstate routes. Because of this focus, secondary routes will likely not be plowed until after the brunt of the storm has passed.

The National Weather Service has also indicated that travel will get a bit hairy in Colorado this weekend, stating that travel will likely be ‘nearly impossible‘ from Saturday evening through much of Sunday along the urban corridor and in the Front Range. The NWS is calling for one to three feet of snow in the area, with a chance of more.

To those still traveling, CDOT advises them to leave for their destination prior to Friday evening and to make sure that they arrive prior to when the storm hits. Travel with emergency equipment, such as blankets, food, water, and other survival supplies is recommended.

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