The Ultimate Travel Protection For Your Family (At An Incredibly Affordable Price)


Medjet offers two different types of membership, depending on coverage needs. If you are uncertain about which type of coverage is right for you, take their super simple quiz to be directed appropriately.


MedjetAssist is the basic air-medical transportation membership tier. If a MedjetAssist member is hospitalized while traveling more than 150 miles from home, Medjet will arrange all-expenses-paid plane transport for the member back to their home hospital of choice, regardless of medical necessity. This applies to both personal and business travel.

MedjetAssist membership is available for the low cost of only $295/year for an individual, or $399/year for a full family. If you are looking for short-term
coverage for a specific trip, they also offer 8-, 15-, 21-, or 30-day memberships starting at $99 for an individual, or $199 for a full family. Click here to find out more.


MedjetHorizon is the upgraded air-medical transportation membership, which includes an extra layer of protection while traveling. In addition to the benefits of MedjetAssist, MedjetHorizon also includes travel security and crisis response services in partnership with the corporate security experts at FocusPoint International. This added security benefit is unlike other global travel transport and security memberships and does not rely on government-issued evacuation notices. Rather, MedjetHorizon members have full access to FocusPoint International’s crisis center in case of security threats such as terrorism, natural disasters, political threats, and much more.

MedjetHorizon membership is available for only $444/year for an individual, $578/year for a full family. Like the MedjetAssist membership, it can also be purchased short-term — click here to find out more.

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