The Stow-N-Go Travel Bag Accessory Is Going Viral on TikTok


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One video about a garment bag has garnered more than 650,000 views and over 77,000 likes since being posted on March 30. In the clip, user @teresalauracaruso shows how to best use the organizer, which has the ability to fold into suitcases and hang in closets. 

“Start by hanging it up and packing everything you need,” they explained. “Once it’s full, you can fit the entire thing in your luggage and then use the buckles to flatten it. Then, when you arrive at your destination, all you have to do is pull it out and you’re basically unpacked and ready to go.”

The glory of this gadget lies in its space-saving capabilities, as well as its extra features, like a bottom slot that holds dirty clothes. The zip-up compartment helps separate soiled and clean clothing, and since it’s on the bottom of the organizer, it doesn’t touch any clean or folded garments.  

Users say the device makes arriving at (and getting ready to leave) your destination so much more seamless. 

“This makes unpacking really simple, and saves a lot of time when packing back up,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “It would be fabulous for short stays. I used it when sharing an apartment with a friend for a week; it made it a lot simpler to keep my things neat and tidy.”

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