Survey Says 40 Percent of People Would Trade Sex for Travel


Well, if anything speaks to Americans’ desire to travel again, this does.

Emphasis on ‘desire.’


According to a new survey, 38 percent of the respondents say they would give up sex for a year if they could go on a trip immediately.

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The survey, commissioned by the online hotel booking platform Trivago, found that 81 percent of Americans said that not being able to travel has been one of the worst parts of the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey polled more than 2,000 adults in the U.S. and U.K., just about equally split between the two nations. Trivago said in a statement that the survey was conducted to “see how consumers are planning, dreaming and considering travel in 2021.”

Well, they sure found a good comparison point.

In addition to the option of giving up carnal relations for a year to travel now, 25 percent said they would give up all their savings to go on a trip immediately, and 48 percent said they would give up their job.

Some respondents were even willing to give up some relationships to travel immediately, with 20 percent saying they would give up their significant other.

Um, no word on the breakdown between male responses and female on that one.

“It’s clear that travel plays a massive role in our lives and overall happiness,” Trivago said.

Also in the survey, 56 percent said they feel “excited” when they think about their first trip after the pandemic, with nearly three-quarters of respondents saying their first trip will be to see family and loved ones they have not seen in a while.

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