Officials Urge Oklahomans To Stay Home, Take Precautions If You Must Travel


It’s been one of the busiest days in recent years for emergency crews as Green Country sees icy conditions and freezing temperatures. 

Both EMSA and AAA Oklahoma said if you do have to get out in this weather, it is crucial to make sure that you are prepared for anything that could happen. 

“Snow you can see, black ice you can’t, it just looks like wet water,” said Mark Madeja with AAA Oklahoma. 

Madeja said if you must travel, being prepared is key. He said having a safety kit in your car, full of anything you might need, like a phone charger or blanket, is helpful during winter weather. 

He said while on the road, you need to give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination and leave plenty of space between cars. 

“Please drive distraction free, focus on the task at hand which is getting there safely, and then slow down,” he said.

In addition to responding to accidents on the road, emergency crews are also responding to cold weather calls. Adam Paluka with EMSA said it has been one of their busiest days in five years. 

“These temperatures are unrelenting, and your body is not used to them,” Paluka said.

Paluka said if you leave the house, you need to wear multiple layers of clothes and to make sure you have extra to avoid any chance of hypothermia if your clothes get wet. 

“If you all of the sudden find yourself outside, and you haven’t prepared to be outside for an hour or two hours, you’re in a lot of trouble,” Paluka said. 

Both Paluka and Madeja said if you do go somewhere, let someone else know your route and when you will arrive to your destination safely, so they can make sure you are OK.

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