Governor extends support to bills helping energy, agriculture and tourism sectors | Energy Journal


In addition, Gordon extended his support on Thursday to a bill that could broaden the involvement of the Wyoming Energy Authority — one of the newest state agencies — in promoting investment in carbon capture technology, trona, rare earth elements and other critical minerals.

“While some are suggesting the early demise of coal — and right now it faces many challenges — we believe that coal coupled with new technologies is an essential part of the solution to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere,” Gordon said. “Carbon capture and the development of carbon byproducts will be part of Wyoming’s energy future. So too, should be efforts to research extracting the rare earth elements and critical minerals associated with coal that will be needed for the batteries powering the anticipated worldwide build-out of wind and solar power.”

Carbon capture involves the trapping or storing of carbon dioxide emitted during industrial processes, like burning coal.

Gordon also placed a spotlight on bills that could bolster Wyoming’s tourism industry. Wyoming’s renowned parks attract millions of people to the state each year and catalyze crucial economic activity for surrounding communities. House Bill 58 would give state parks more flexibility to use funds collected through fees for maintenance, administration and other operation costs.

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