Do you have COVID-19 travel vouchers? If so, they may be expiring soon


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – If you have unused travel credits issued to you during the pandemic, it’s time to dust off the paperwork. That’s because those credits may be about to expire.

If your travel plans were canceled because of the pandemic, you may be itching to go on a trip and you may be depending on a travel credit to get you there, but don’t wait too long.

Ted Rossman with warns that if your trip was canceled in spring or summer last year, your window of opportunity is here.

“There’s a lot of fine print with a lot of these so check into your specifics,” Rossman said. “When is the expiration date? What are parameters? Some airlines require you to travel by the time the clock runs out. In other cases, you only need to rebook.”

If you aren’t able to travel now, there are some options. Check on whether you can transfer your credit to someone else. Ask if you can extend the credit, but keep in mind that some may make you pay for that.

“I know Southwest Airlines is selling a six-month extension or $100 so that’s an option, too,” Rossman said.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to travel to the same place as when your trip was canceled. The credit is like cash and, Rossman said, business and first-class prices are way down.

“Think about these as strategies you can use in tandem,” Rossman said. “Maybe you combine the voucher money with some credit card points or airline miles and then you can bring the whole family or you can bump yourselves up to first class.”

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