Could Israeli technology help reopen airports, travel worldwide?

Israeli technology that could prevent large crowds from gathering in small places is currently being implemented at the Orlando International Airport, as global vaccination efforts have populations worldwide looking forward to possible exit strategies from coronavirus lockdowns to return to some sort of normalcy.The tech, developed by Petakh Tikva-based Protouch, is a column that – like a traffic light – will notify those assembling in the defined radius around the pillar if the area is becoming or has become too congested, with occupancy rates being determined by local health guidelines.The pillars glow green when there are a small number of people in the area, and as more and more people begin to congregate the light will change to yellow and then red, recommending to those surrounding the column to disperse and lower the chance of spreading coronavirus.One of the pillars shining green, notifying those within the vicinity they are in the clear. (Courtesy)The system has already been introduced as a pilot at gates, seating areas and other high-traffic zones around the Orlando airport. Following the successful pilot, the pillars will be set up in other areas of the airport.A pillar which double as crowd control system, developed by Israeli company Protouch. (Courtesy)A pillar which double as crowd control system, developed by Israeli company Protouch. (Courtesy)The technology doesn’t use cameras, or require surveillance of specific groups of people, but is based instead on artificial intelligence to count people and track traffic around the column, and will also soon be adapted to prevent life-threatening situations or violence in public spaces.

The company noted that the technology is suitable for many venues, such as large companies, institutions, malls, stadiums, airports, train stations and hospitals.Protouch is a listening and audio technology company that emerged over the past thirty years as a leader in developing advanced visual, sound and multimedia systems.Aside from the crowd control column, the company recently developed an elevator door that projects an LED display where advertisements and other content can be displayed at high resolutions, even at a distance, which recently caught the attention of soft-drink giant Coca-Cola.

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