Arizona RV sales booming ahead of spring break and summer travel


Spring break may look different for families this year due to some COVID-19 restrictions still being in effect and they’re choosing to hit the road in a home away from home.

We’re talking about recreational vehicle sales.

“It’s like a hotel on wheels.. don’t need a flight,” said Mark Ray of New Mexico. “Gets the family out and doing something throughout the whole year.”

Ray and his family love to get out in their RV.

“You’re sleeping in your own means that you’re used to. A more healthy environment in my opinion.”

According to Robbie Eggers, service manager at Rowley White RV, many families are choosing to do the same.

“It’s busier than I’ve ever seen it and I’ve been here for three years.”

Since the start of the pandemic nearly a year ago, there has been a consistent uptick in sales.

“I would say 60 to 70%. If we look at how far we’re backed out, normally at four to five weeks at most, now it’s a couple of months to get in. We’ve increased our productivity and we’ve hired more employees to keep up with it,” explained Eggers.

With spring break right around the corner, many people, some even brand new to the industry, are choosing to hit the road. If you’re looking to buy or rent an RV, Eggers has some advice.

“Plan for the delays. Especially with getting trailers ready and with rentals. Everyone is booked out so far, so be forward thinking. Think about if you have maintenance items or when your next trip is. I know having the time to do things the right way is going to make all the world of difference.”

You can get used units from $6,000 to $10,000 and the price goes up into the hundreds of thousands. Production did slow down a lot, but Eggers says stock is definitely coming back, giving people more options.

Online: (locations in Mesa, Phoenix, and Flagstaff)

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